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FACT: The easiest and fastest way to create an immediate cash surge is to send an email to your *opt-in* email list. (We're not referring to spam - which is unsolicited email!) 

*Opt-in* email is a list of people who have subscribed to your ezine, email newsletter, updates list, purchased one of your products, etc. The bottom line -- these are people who've *requested* info from you and have given you *permission* to send them email. 

You MUST understand this point!

You cannot, *must not* send the following email to millions of people on the Web. Unsolicited email is SPAM and it will land you in a lot of trouble!

WARNING: If we get even one single complaint about you spamming - we will have your affiliate account terminated immediately!

Just be sure to add your ClickBank "nickname" where "xxxxxx" is in the URL below... When people click on this link and they buy - you'll be credited with the sale. 

You may change this email to suit your needs and the needs of your list... however it is proven to work very well 'as is'!

subject: [firstname] "How to End the Pain of Depression"

Hi [firstname],

I stumbled across something incredible recently...

And as a valued subscriber I wanted to let you know about it.

Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has
released a report stating that the number of people who
experience depression is doubling every ten years and that by
2020 it will be the most pervasive illness in the world and
the second leading cause of death.

WHO also states that depression currently ranks second only
to heart disease as the leading cause of disabilities
associated with illness.

What does this have to do with you?

If you suffer from depression (or know someone who does) you
know all too well that it is a challenging condition which
interferes with the enjoyment of life and leaves you feeling
as if there is no hope that the pain will ever end.  But, you
may not have recognized the enormity of the problem.

Here's *your* chance to help either yourself or your loved
one to overcome depression without costly therapy or dangerous

Gwynne Curry suffered for more than 30 yesrs of her life with
chronic depression with at least two episodes of Major
Depressive Disorder (MDD). This caused her to embark on a quest
to discover the true cause of depression in order to understand
the illness and overcome its effects.

Gwynne has now lived free of depression for more than five
years and is excited to share with you what she has learned
about healing depression naturally.

The name of her new book?

"You Can Heal Your Depression Now! (No Expentive Therapy...
No Dangerous Antidepressants...)

If you want to check this out for yourself,
Click Here >>>>>>


[Your Name]


subject: [firstname] "Frankly I was shocked when I saw this!

Hi [firstname],

Someone who suffered with depression for more than 30 years
holds your hand as she guides you through the process of
discovering how to heal your depression.

Gwynne Curry spent at least 20 years studying various
alternative healing modalities and has put together a proven
system using a variety of ideas and techniques she gathered
from many of them.

She leaves nothing to chance... no stone unturned as she takes
you step-by-step through the process of discovering:

 ~ The quickest, most reliable and BEST technique for finding
relief from the pain of depression. (page 94)

 ~ How your depressed thoughts actually become a habit that is
difficult to overcome. (pages 51-53) She offers literally
dozens of Suggested Action Steps at the end of chapters to
help break this unwanted habit.

 ~ Discover why other self-help books dealing with depression
may not have worked and why this one will. (page 85)

  ~ What two experts have to say about your ability to heal your
depression. (pages 34 and 47)

 ~ Discover how a well known TV personality overcame depression
using just one technique in her book. (page 66)

... and so much more I can't even begin to write about it here!

If you are interested in overcoming your depression the natural
way without having to reinvent the wheel, you owe it to yourself,
or a loved one who may be suffering, to check this out.

Click Here >>>>>  http://xxxxxx.deprfree.hop.clickbank.net 


[Your Name]

P.S. -- I know you'd like to feel better if you're depressed.

Well, where will you be in a week?  A month?  A year from now?

If you get this new ebook now and follow the techniques for as
little 30 days, you can be well on your way to a life free of depression.

So, go ahead and Click here now! >>>>>

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