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Alarming Information Regarding Depression from World Health


By Gwynne Curry 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report
stating that the number of people who experience depression
is doubling every ten years and that by 2020 it will be the
most pervasive illness in the world and the second leading
cause of death. WHO also states that depression currently
ranks second only to heart disease as the leading cause of
disabilities associated with illness.
Unfortunately, depression will touch almost every single 
person during their lifetimes. They will either experience
it themselves or know someone who has. Those who do
experience depression may suffer its hideous effects for
decades or even for a lifetime.

Why is depression currently so pervasive? Furthermore, why
is the number of people who will experience it projected to
increase at such a rapid rate? But, most importantly, is
there a method for overcoming it?

Doctors can’t agree on the cause of depression. Some say it
is a chemical imbalance, while others claim it is a genetic
problem. Some label it a disease the same as diabetes or
hypertension. There are others who believe that depression
is a “learned behavior.”

The most common treatment for depression today is therapy
coupled with antidepressant medication. This can become
costly and time consuming without much success. The question
becomes… Why isn't treatment producing the desired results
and decreasing the number of people who are depressed?

Some people do experience an improved mood when they are
prescribed antidepressants. But, think about this... any
mind-altering drug, including antidepressants, has the
potential to produce a positive improvement in mood. Is the
improved mood one experiences while taking antidepressants
proof that they had a chemical imbalance to begin with? Not
in light of the above statement.

Let's face it, if therapy and antidepressants were the
answers, we wouldn't have so many depressed people in our
society today and the number of people suffering its
debilitating effects wouldn’t be on the rise.

Now that you recognize that the number of depressed persons
is rapidly increasing and that current treatment methods
aren't helping to decrease that number (in fact, they aren’t
even causing it to remain the same), are you ready to open
your mind to a new approach to overcoming depression?

Gwynne Curry, who suffered with depression for 30+ years,
reveals a proven method for overcoming depression in her
ebook "You Can Heal Your Depression Now! No Expensive
Therapy... No Dangerous Antidepressants..."

This ebook explains the one and only cause of depression.
Armed with this important knowledge, you (or anyone) will be
able to use the information in her book to formulate your
own action plan based on your preferances and your unique
life-style for overcoming depression. You'll be feeling
better in less than 30 days.

For complete details
Click here ==>: http://xxxxxx.deprfree.hop.clickbank.net

2006 Gwynne Curry. All rights reserved.

Feel free to pass the above in its entirety to anyone you wish


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What Is The Cause Of The Rapidly Increasing Number Of People
Who Are Depressed?


By Gwynne Curry
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a report
stating that the number of people who experience depression
is doubling every ten years and that by 2020 it will be the
most pervasive illness in the world and the second leading
cause of death.

Why is this happening in an affluent society such as ours
that currently spends more money on medical care than at any
other time in history?

There are many factors contributing to this increase in the
number of people who are suffering the debilitating effects
of depression.

This article will shed some light on some of these factors.

1. The News Media

Our news media is a major contributing factor to the rise of
depression. Out of all the good things that happen every
single day, the news on TV, the radio and in newspapers
focuses almost exclusively on the small percentage of things
that are wrong in our world.

Believing what you hear or read in the news leaves you with
the feeling that the world situation and the physical
condition of our planet are in a downward spiral with little
hope for improvement.

If you watch, listen to, or read the news everyday you are
feeding your mind with the equivalent of garbage. Have you
ever heard the computer term “garbage in, garbage out?” This
is not only true with computers, but also the human mind.

2. Pharmaceutical Companies

Prescriptions for antidepressants issued to children and
adolescents grew three to tenfold between 1987 and 1996.
Between 1998 and 2002 there was a 50 percent overall
increase in antidepressant prescriptions despite the lack of
proof they cure depression.

The April 2004 issue of the journal "Psychiatric Services"
reports findings of a study conducted by Express Scripts.
This study shows that the use of antidepressant medications
continues to grow by about 10 percent annually among
children and adolescents.
U.K. and U.S. studies indicate there are increased suicidal
tendencies in many young patients taking these drugs.
Children and teens are at a stage in their lives where their
brain is developing rapidly. This raises a question regarding
unknown and long-term side effects of these drugs being
prescribed during this critical stage of growth.

While natural remedies are an option, doctors rarely suggest
their use. When discussing natural remedies in her book
"Molecules of Emotion," Candace Pert, Ph.D., (recognized as
the world’s foremost brain researcher) has this to say in
regard to natural remedies: “The answer reflects the
economics of medicine. Since the natural substances are not
patentable, there is no incentive for drug companies to
study their benefits, and so the vast majority of M.D.s, who
get their information about drugs from the drug companies,
don’t even know about them.”
Pharamceutical companies are publicly traded corporations
that have a legal responsibility to their shareholders to
increase profits. How do they do this?   According to Kevin
Trudeau in his book “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To
Know About” they do it by “producing their product at the
lowest possible cost, selling it at the highest price, and
selling as much as they can.”

According to Mr. Trudeau, “the health care industry, defined
as the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of disease, is
the most profitable industry in the world.” It is true that
enormous amounts of money will continue to be made as long
as people stay sick. It is not in the best interest of the
pharmaceutical companies for you to get healthy and stay

3. The School System

Our school system is still pretty much focused on learning
the three R’s: reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. Yes, these
are important fundamentals that one needs to function well
in society. But, one needs to know more than these basics to
succeed in life.

Have you ever studied for a test in school and passed with
flying colors only to forget all the answers when they were
no longer important for you to remember them?

Well known and respected financial author of the "Rich Dad"
series of books, Robert T. Kiyosaki, touched on this subject
in one of his earlier books, "If You Want to Be Rich & Happy:
Don’t Go to School?: Ensuring Lifetime Security for Yourself
and Your Children" published in 1995. He believes there’s a
flaw in a system that rewards students for memorizing facts,
but fails to help teach them to succeed in the real world.

Today a standard is set in all subjects and every child is
expected to achieve that standard. If they don’t, they’re
looked at as deficient in some way, or less than perfect, by
their teacher and the school system in general. This system
of comparison is detrimental to the self-esteem of the child
which leads to depression.

4. Concern Over What Other People Think

People often worry about what others will think of them if
they seek help for their depression, especially males. There
is the erroneous belief that depression is something only
women have, causing men to feel they are “weak” when they
are depressed.

Also, people who are depressed have the tendency to look at
themselves as failures and to adopt the belief that other
people see them as failures. They end up expending a lot of
energy worrying about this and doing little or nothing to
get help with their depression.

5. Our Natural Tendency Toward Dependency

From the time we are born most of us are taught to depend on
others to know what is best for us and to tell us what to do.

We have been taught to depend on our parents to know what is
best for us when we are young and even into adulthood. We
have been taught to look to our teachers and schools to know
what is best for us if our parents don’t know. We have been
taught to depend on our preferred religious organization for
our spiritual needs, on doctors and conventional medicine
for our health needs, on the government to provide for and
take care of us after retirement (or before), etc.

This attitude has led us to believe we aren't in control of
our lives or our destiny. This fosters feelings of
powerlessness that naturally leads to depression.

Now that you know more about what is causing the number of
depressed people to increase so rapidly, what can be done to
counteract these conditions? Are there solutions?

Gwynne Curry, who suffered with depression for 30+ years,
reveals the proven method she personally used to overcome
her depression in her ebook "You Can Heal Your Depression
Now! No Expensive Therapy... No Dangerous Antidepressants..."
Gwynne has now lived depression free for more than five
years and shares with you everything she learned during her
20+ year search to find the answers to living depression

If you, or someone you know, suffer with depression, don't
pass this by.  Just imagine, you could be feeling better in
less than 30 days.
For complete details
Click Here ==> http://xxxxxx.deprfree.hop.clickbank.net

2006 Gwynne Curry. All rights reserved.

Feel free to pass the above in its entirety to anyone you wish

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