Beat Depression Fast! 5 Ways To Lift Your Mood

beat depression fast

If you are currently experiencing depression then this is for you. These 5 tips are things that have helped me to beat depression fast. Why not try them for yourself and see if they make a difference in your life.

As simple as some of these sounds, they can fee like a daunting task when you have depression. Some days it might even feel impossible but if you can force yourself to complete as many of these 5 things as you can, you might be surprised at the results.

1) Take a Shower

Showers for most people are a daily ritual when we are well. However during periods of depression the act of showering can help to cleanse, refresh and wake up our bodies.

Try to shower when you first get out of bed to help wake you up and start your day with a positive step in the right direction.

2) Go For a Walk

Many studies have shown that walking and exercise are great for our mental health. I find that sometimes when you have been laying in bed a lot or on the sofa all day that some fresh air and stretching your legs can make you feel so much better.

3) Clean

When depression happens we often start to neglect things like tidying and cleaning our homes. The dirty dishes and laundry often start to build up.

Having a messy environment can cause additional stress in your life. So try to do a few small things each day around the house. This will help you to also feel better about yourself and give a sense of accomplishment.

4) Talk

Sometimes with depression we shut ourselves away from the world and lose contact with friends and family. Calling someone for a quick chat can help to brighten your day and reduce any feelings of loneliness.

You don’t have to talk about your problems and issues if you don’t want to but just catching up and having a conversation can help to lift your mood.

5) Set a Sleep Routine

Try keeping a good sleep routine by going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning. Make sure that you go to bed early enough to make your early rise possible.

Depression can sometimes cause us to oversleep. Setting an alarm and forcing yourself to get up might leave you feeling rough to start with but once you get going you’ll feel a lot better.

Beat Depression Fast Conclusion

I find that these 5 things help me to lift my mood and help beat depression fast. If you really want to make a change trying doing a combo of all five together.

Set an alarm, get up and shower. Then go for a 10 minute walk while talking to someone on the phone. Afterwards have some breakfast and clean the dishes! What a start to your day that will be!

Give these a go and I hope you a great day!

Remember depression is temporary and will pass. Things will get better.