Gym and Exercise When Depressed

Gym and Exercise When Depressed

I find that one of the best things I can do to help my mood is gym and exercise when depressed. When my depression is really bad, this is not always possible. As my mood starts to lift and I can force myself to workout I find that it creates momentum in the right direction.

I started going to the gym again just under two weeks ago and each day I do a little more. You don’t have to go at it too hard from the start, in fact that can ruin your progress. Being sore and aching means you’ll start to skip days and before you know it you’ll have stopped going all together.

The first day I went back I walked for 2 km (1.25 miles). I kept the treadmill at a steady walking pace and just kept going until I hit my distance target. Then the next day I did the same but with the speed a little faster. After the first week I was walking a bit then lightly jogging for a minute, then back to walking again. My goal was to do a little more today then I did the day before.

Get Started With Exercise

Even if you don’t have a gym membership or cardio machine at home you can walk outside. Again I know this can be tough or feel impossible if your mood is really low. As soon as you have an “okay” day, go for walk and start this process of walking a little further or a little faster each day.

I also like to do a few of the weight machines at the gym after my 2km on the treadmill. Again I started really light and did high reps (about 20 repetitions) took a break and repeated the 20 about 3 times. To start with you are really just going through the motions as you keep the weight light, but again each day you do a little more.

Working Out Has Many Benefit

After exercising I find that it gives you a natural high afterward. You feel good and your mind clears. You feel alive and in time your mood and depression will lift.

Give it a go yourself. As soon as you can, force yourself to exercise and take the first steps to recovery from depression.